Building and construction

Aluminum is commonly used in residential and specialty commercial applications due to its formability, strength, light weight, paintability, and smooth, flat surface, making it ideal for lamination with other materials in various building and construction uses.

Windows & Doors

Aluminum windows and doors retain shape in weather, operate smoothly over years, and reduce noise more effectively than vinyl, being heavier and stronger.

Aluminum Composite Materials (ACM)

ACM panels offer dimensional stability, low weight, and a sleek look for both indoor and outdoor uses like wall cladding, insulation, and linings.

Screen Frame

Roll-formed aluminum screen frame, created by shaping flat aluminum into a box and crimping the edges, is lightweight, economical, and ideal for smaller window openings.

Drip Edge & Starter Strip

Prepainted aluminum drip edge, a type of roof flashing, directs water flow to prevent roof damage. The aluminum starter strip is used beneath vinyl siding for wall adherence.

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