Architectural metal, made from prepainted and fabricated aluminum, offers a durable and decorative solution for buildings. Its versatility allows for a variety of panel designs, enhancing both homes and businesses with an appealing look while leveraging aluminum’s durability and sustainability.


Made from lightweight, corrosion-resistant PVDF pre-painted aluminum, these concealed fastener panels feature the highest strength-to-weight ratio among metal roofing materials.

Wall Panels

Aluminum wall cladding provides a dynamic range of panel profiles and colors for a sleek look, offering excellent performance against wind and extreme weather. Its versatility is favored by architects and designers for endless design options.

Roof Edge, Trim, and Perimeter

Aluminum systems offer a clean, precise fit, eliminating field fabrication. They are cost-effective, strong, aesthetically pleasing, and easier to install than non-aluminum materials.

Canopies & Column covers

Aluminum’s lightweight and malleability simplify installation and reduce time and equipment needs. Its minimal maintenance, rust resistance, and sleek appearance provide functional beauty to buildings, with easier modification and relocation.

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